District Couple of the Year
2017/2018 Couple of the Year
Dana & Danise Hartle from Chapter I
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Requirements for becoming a Chapter Couple of the Year (page 3 of the manual)

Couple must consist of one male and one female.
  Both male and female must hold Individual, Family, Associate Individual, or Associate Family Membership in GWRRA. (Note: Associate Members are eligible to participate in the Couple of the Year program at the Chapter level only.)
  Membership must be valid through the term of the Chapter Couple of the Year position (one year).
  The Couple must have completed at least one year membership in GWRRA prior to being named Chapter Couple of the Year.
  In order to provide an opportunity for other deserving couples, the same Couple shall not be named as Chapter Couple of the Year for more than two consecutive years.

Resume Preparation & Submission (page 9 of the manual).
     (Click here for the Word copy of the preparation form.)
     (Click here for the PDF formatted copy of the preparation form.)

  Final resumes should be n the hands of the Couple of the Year Coordinator at least four weeks prior to the selection process so that it may be forwarded in a timely manner to the judges. The Coordinator may request multiple copies (one for each judge) or may ask that the Resume be e-mailed; in this case, a signed original should be mailed as well.
Once the Resume is submitted to the Coordinator it cannot be altered in any way, and is to be forwarded to the judges in the form it was received.
  Resume Forms in Microsoft Word format are available from Couple of the Year Coordinators and Membership Enhancement Coordinators so that completing them is just a matter of "filling in the blanks."

Resume forms to be submitted are on pages 10 thru 14 of the manual.  An online resume document can be filled out here.


Actual score sheets used by the judges are on pages 15 thru 20 of the manual.