GWRRA PA District
District Couple of the Year
2017/2018 Couple of the Year
Dana & Danise Hartle from Chapter I
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Dana has 32 years of service at the Punxsutawney Area Hospital and is the VP of Support Services.  He serves as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of a mutual insurance company in Pennsylvania.  Danise is retired from teaching at the local Christian school.  She has been a fitness instructor for 40 years and is still teaching.  She served as Recreation Director of the Punxsutawney Borough for 15 years prior to teaching at the school.  They have a blended family of three children and two grandchildren.  They motorcycled when the first two children were older but when child number three mysteriously came into the picture, the motorcycles were sold and they thought those days were behind them.  After 13 years of being away from the sport they decided that they would like to do it again.  They started riding again in 2000 and had friends at church who were members of the association.  Through their encouragement they joined Gold Wing Road Riders Association in September of 2001 with the plan of doing a little but not a lot. As we know, that didn’t quite work out the way they planned and they say they are better people because of their life with the association.  They served as chapter Couple of the Year in 2003.  Then they served as Chapter Assistant Directors for 2 years, Chapter Directors for 3 years, PA District Assistant Directors for 3 years and PA District Directors for 2 ½ years.